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S'more Pocket Hug

S'more Pocket Hug


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Introducing the S'more Pocket Hug: Your Source of Delightful Encouragement

Experience the warmth of our S'more Pocket Hug, a plush token featuring the sentiment "LAUGH S'MORE WORRY LESS." These charming boxes hold messages that are not just inspiring but genuinely heartfelt.

**Delight in the Moment:** The S'more Pocket Hug is more than a plush token – it's a reminder to embrace joy and let go of worries.

Β **Heartfelt Messages:** Each box cradles messages that uplift, bringing comfort and motivation.

**Conveniently Portable:** With dimensions of 2.55 inches, it easily slips into pockets or finds a place on shelves, always prepared to share a thoughtful hug.

Gift a moment of joy or keep it close to uplift your spirits. Let the S'more Pocket Hug infuse your day with positivity and light.

[Dimensions: 2.55 inches]

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