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Hayward Gourmet

Strawberry Cotton Candy

Strawberry Cotton Candy

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Introducing Hayward Gourmet's Strawberry Cotton Candy – a delightful confection that brings the irresistible flavor of sweet and tangy strawberries to life. Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with every bite of our delicious strawberry cotton candy. Indulge in this timeless treat anytime and savor the joy it brings.

Each tub of Hayward Gourmet's Strawberry Cotton Candy is filled to the brim with soft and fluffy hand-spun goodness. Crafted with care by a family-run small business, every product is made by hand in small batches, ensuring attention to detail and quality. We take pride in using premium ingredients to create a cotton candy experience that is truly exceptional.

Treat yourself to the sweet and tangy delight of Hayward Gourmet's Strawberry Cotton Candy today. Order your tub and experience the nostalgic joy and mouthwatering flavor that only our handmade cotton candy can deliver.


- 8"x 8" x 8"

- 3 oz of Cotton Candy


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We ship using USPS Priority! All packages are shipped out from our shop within 24 business hours, though we try to get them out same day if possible. Tracking numbers are provided for all packages, if you have a problem receiving your order please contact us! Once the package leaves our shop, we are not responsible for any damage to the product/box. Please make sure to take pictures of the box onceΒ you receive it if any items are damaged and immediately contact us. All damages must be reported within 48 hours to us.


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