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Brushy the Hamster Stuffed Animal

Brushy the Hamster Stuffed Animal


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Introducing Brushy the Hamster Stuffed Animal – a flash of gold and white energy captured in a pocket-sized plush companion! Watch as Brushy scurries to and fro, busy collecting soft materials for his bedding or energetically running in his hamster wheel. This adorable critter is loved for his realistic design, crafted with cuddly plush and charming details that make him an irresistible addition to any collection.

Brushy's stitched facial accents, tiny ears, and paws, along with his adorably inquisitive eyes, bring this plush hamster to life. Unlike a real hamster, Brushy guarantees never to chew wires or keep you up late at night with the squeaking of his hamster wheel. He's the perfect, low-maintenance pet for hamster enthusiasts.

Weighing in at a mere 1.5 oz and standing at 5" tall (13 cm), Brushy is a small-sized delight suitable for ages 24 months & up. Easy to care for, this hamster plush is machine washable, ensuring convenience and cleanliness.

Bring the joy and playfulness of Brushy the Hamster into your life. With his engaging personality and lifelike design, Brushy is more than just a stuffed animal – he's the perfect plush pet that promises endless smiles and cuddles. Adopt Brushy today and make him a cherished part of your collection!

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