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Lucky Duck Charms

Lucky Duck Charms

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Card reads
"I wish I was a duck things would never run amok! Ducks are lucky, don't you think? They just dip their bills if they need a drink! When in need for someone to cover their back well, they just give a little Quack!!! And who wouldn't want to be a ducky when the very name rhymes with lucky! Oh, I guess I'm happy to be me... and I'll tell you why, you see because even with a little luck end of day, he's still a duck! -a.s waldrop"

Embrace the charm and luck of Lucky Duck Charms from Ganz. Imagine the carefree life of a duck, where things never run amok. With a simple dip of their bills, they find a drink. When in need of support, a little quack covers their back. These zinc and rattan charms bring a touch of whimsy and luck to your day.

Each charm comes with a small card in an organza bag. Measuring .75"L x .75"H, carry the spirit of the lucky duck with you. Be grateful for who you are, and with a little luck, embrace the joy of being yourself. Order your Lucky Duck Charm today!

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